Why choose GSL for international express delivery service

international express delivery

In gigantic progress of international trading and e-commerce, international express delivery service becomes increasingly developed with full of competition. Let’s find out about advantages GSL provide to customers when they use international express delivery service

International express delivery service network in more than 200 countries

After nearly 5 years of establishment and development, Global Solutions Logistics Co., Ltd (GSL) never stops trying to improve international express delivery service quality to customers.

Especially, to satisfy maximum demands of customers, GSL has expanded its service network up to 200 countries and territories. And becomes the 1st grade agency of prestigious express delivery agencies in the world including UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex, etc.

Some remarkable services in international express delivery at GSL includes:

  • 2-way delivery service from Vietnam – Taiwan
  • 2-way delivery service from Vietnam – Japan
  • Package delivery to the USA
  • Package delivery to the Korea, Canada, Philippines, etc…

Safety assurance in international express delivery with up to 100% insurance

With the motto “Your trust, our duty”, GSL always handles with care and preserves each package in the best method. For that reason, ratio of damaged and lost commodities at GSL is only mere 0.1%.

However, GSL believes that issuing policy for commodities insurance will increase customers’ reassurance in international express delivery service.

GSL will support customers in the following cases of lost and damaged commodity:

  • For postal package without declaration of value, without provision of invoice documents: reimbursement shall be as twice as delivery cost.
  • GSL shall reimburse commodity value and delivery cost if the sender provides invoice documents proving the commodity value (maximum VND 3,000,000)

In addition, GSL shall offer a corresponding insurance amount for customers’ consideration, specifically:

  • For commodities worth from VND 3,000,000 – 10,000,000: Commodity insurance is 5% of commodity value
  • For commodities worth more than VND 10,000,000: Commodity insurance is 10%
  • For commodities with great value, electronic devices, geomantic related objects, etc.: Commodity insurance is 15%

3. Rapid international express delivery process

In order for your package to delivered internationally in a rapid manner, GSL has established a delivery process including the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Contact GSL’s consultant

Upon demand of client regarding international express delivery, please immediately contact by hotline 0911 510 779 – 0914 778 778.

Then, customers will be advised in details by our consultants regarding the commodities and corresponding fees in each country.

Step 2: Pickup, packaging

  • After detailed consultancy, client shall send commodities to GSL’s warehouse in Vietnam or GSL staff will support doot to door pickup service for commudities in inner city.
  • Upon arrival to the warhhouse, quality of commodities will be inspected and vacuum packing will be provided (if necessary), and procedures shall be performed in accordance with specification of each country of destination.
  • Image of commodities status and tracking code of the order shall be sent to the customers by GSL staff

Step 3: Delivery of commodities

After comomodities are prepared, they will be sent for delivery, customs procedures will be performed and comomodities will be sent to their destination. During such process, the customers can track the order based on the tracking code previously provided by the staff.

Step 4: Receipt of commodities

Customers’ commodities will undergo customes clearance and be taken to the warehouse of such nation. Accordingly, customers can directly receive the commodities at the warehouse or GSL will coordinate with its shipping partner to deliver the commodities to the address requested by the customers.

Active team of staff who provide consultancy with dedication

With the aim to make prestige and service quality as our top priority, GSL owns a team of professional and experienced consultants who are always willing to provide consultancy actively with dedication to support nationwide customers while and after the commodities are delivered.  Guaranteed to bring customers satisfaction when using international express service at GSL.

In addition, our pickup team will guarantee the commodities are properly and cautiously packed meeting the regulations of the country of destination and guarantee safety during delivery process.

Finally, essential document procedures for international express delivery service will be the responsible of division in charge of preparing documents and support customs clearance.

Please contact GSL immediately to have your package delivered by international express delivery service in the most rapid, safe and economical manner.