Remarks for delivery to Taiwan with GSL


Taiwan is one of the country with amicable relationship with Vietnam and is a significant economic partner in the past years. Demand for exchanging commodities between two nations also greatly increase. However, it is required that commodities exchange and delivery should be in compliance with regulations. Join GSL to learn about regulations on commodities delivery to Taiwan.

1. Commodities delivery to Taiwan is applicable for the following types of commodities:

Most of commodities delivered to Taiwan from Vietnam are received and by GSL and have high rate of successful delivery, except for some forbidden commodities as prescribed.

For convenience in rapid delivery process to Taiwan and to avoid arising issues, GSL will send the following categories of products and commodities that are not allowed for packaging and delivery to Taiwan to customers:

  • Flammable and explosive items, forbidden items (cigarettes, forbidden substances, etc.)
  • Food products relating to meat (pork, beef, chicken, etc.), egg, milk
  • Dietary supplement for weight loss, physiological drugs, medicines, Vietnamese herbs and traditional medicines.
  • Perfume
  • Unprocessed agricultural products, fresh fruits, seeds, swallow’s nest, shiitake mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots
  • Food with origin from China
  • Types of rare wood: agarwood, iron wood.

2. Duration and means for delivery to Taiwan

Currently, GSL is providing delivery service to Taiwan in 2 main means:

  • Air cargo: Normally, delivery period will be within 2-4 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
  • Sea Cargo: Normally, delivery period will be within 7-10 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
  • Tracking code will be sent 1 day after the date of the flight

Depending on the nature of each kind of commodity as well as customers’ needs, GSL shall consult and support with the most optimized means of delivery in delivery to Taiwan service.

3. Packaging regulations for delivery

Similar to other nations, Taiwan has its separate regulations for imported commodities. Please join GSL to learn about packaging regulations for delivery to Taiwan:

  • For raw food products: packaging and vacuum packaging is required, please note that the products should be labeled and specified with shelf life as some nations have strict requirements for shelf life of products delivered to them. Then, they will be put in carton boxes
  • For documents: to be out in bags and envelops as required by DHL, EMS, ect.
  • For normal commodities: to be put in carton boxes with the length not exceeding 1.2m
  • For liquid, power and electronic products: wood packaging is required.

In addtion:

  • Normal commodities (garments, cosmetics, food): each package will not be packed heavier than 20kg and length and width will not exceed 70cm
  • Bulky commodities: each package will not be packed heavier than 20kg and length and width will not exceed 70cm
  • For light weighted commodities (snacks, teddy bear, etc.): DIM will be calculated based on the formula (length*width*height)/5000 = kg

Note: Electronic items with high value: (watch, computer, phone, accessories, etc.) will be charge 10% extra of the commodities value.

4. Why choose GSL to deliver commodities to Taiwan

After 5 years of establishment and development, GSL never stops improving its service quality and has become a leading partner of multiple large companies including DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc. For that reason, the company is a trustworthy option of thousands of customers in the field of international delivery, especially delivery to Taiwan with the following service system.

  • Variety in commodities: from records, documents, commodities, household appliances, food, cosmectics and electronic items.
  • Pickup support, free packaging and provide tracking to track the whole delivery process to customers.
  • The company commits to have insurance policy up to 100%.
  • GSL also supports vacuum packaging for all of the customers.
  • Door-to-Door express service and Door-to-Door delivery and receipt is available.
  • We say no to delay, detention, receipt rejection. Delivery duration is extremely rapid

Immediately contact GSL to be have support in commodities delivery to Taiwan in the most rapid, safe and economical manner